How to make money from music in Nigeria?

Nigeria is fast becoming a music hub, thanks to its highly skilled and talented youths.

As fortunate as we are to have such a rich musical heritage, most musicians and upcoming artists have no idea how to turn their passion into profit.



If you’re a musician who has been looking for ways to turn your passion into profit, look no further, in this article we are going to be answering some questions like “how can I sell my music in Nigeria?” or how do I make money as a musician in Nigeria?



The music industry is highly saturated, as a result, many musicians struggle every day to get noticed by producers and other leading industry experts.

If you’re an instrumentalist, songwriter, or vocalist who has been trying to break into the music industry with little or no results, there are so many other ways to monetize your skills. Let us share some of these ideas with you.





Sell musical instruments

#pianists #musicians #dancers #music #musicproductionDo you know that you can monetize your love and passion for music by selling music instruments online? I bet you didn’t!! This is such a great idea because people already see you as an authority in the music world, and your opinion with regards to anything touching the subject of music would be highly respected. The best part is; you don’t need tons of money to get started, you can start by selling a few items. You also don’t need to own a shop to achieve this, all you need to do is to search for websites like arizom where you can list your products for sale and potential buyers will see it and contact you.




Post your services on relevant websites


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Thanks to technology, access to information has become a walk in the park, and so has the sharing and dissemination of information. One great way to monetize your passion and skillset is by signing up on websites that connect musicians with clients, for instance, if you’re a guitarist looking to earn more money, you can sign up on a relevant website and post the services you offer when anyone looking to hire a guitarist looks through the website they would be more than excited to hire you and pay for your services. This could work for you even if you’re a music teacher or a vocalist.





Practice to become an expert



Hone your craft. No one can reject an expert in any field, people are looking for experts every day and they are willing to pay any price tag attached to their services. If you’re wondering how becoming an expert can help you monetize your skill, here’s how. Honing your craft gives you an edge in the industry, being exceptionally good at what you do sets you above the competition as a result, you would be highly sought after in your field.






Sell your music online



Most popular artists make tons of money by selling their songs on music websites like iTunes, Spotify, and Amazon. This is a great option and an easy way to turn your passion into profit. Simply record a hit song, something that would love and be willing to pay. Upload it online in exchange for some monetary compensation.






Start a music blog

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while you wait for your big break you can start making some good money by running your music blog. A music blog is a website where musicians pay some money to advertise their songs for people to download for free. If you’re just starting, you can accept to upload people’s songs for free and then monetize the traffic from the downloads.





I hope you found this helpful!!

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